How To Turn Boys Into Godly Men

Boys don’t enter the world knowing how to be godly men; they have to be trained into it. Of course, the primary training role for that formation should be the boy’s father. He is to disciple his son every day in the Word of the Lord and in the pattern of godly living.

But while godly fathers are by far the best disciplers of young men into Christ-like manhood, spiritual fathers can play a vital role as well. This is where a mentor, a pastor, or a discipler can step in and take the young man beyond where his father has left off. In a day of rampant absenteeism among biological fathers, the next generation of spiritual leaders is yearning for godly men to step up and serve as an adoptive spiritual father.

Discipling eager young men for future leadership in the home and the church is one of the most sweetly rewarding aspects of ministry that I’ve ever encountered.


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Men Are Sick Of Feminized Faith

The dominant narrative at the moment is that, while church attendance is down across the board, men in particular are staying home on Sunday mornings. And while there has been much hand-wringing over this reality, there has, to my knowledge, been very little serious introspection over it.

Too often, when we talk about “attracting men” to church, what we mean is tricking men to walk in the door by baptizing whatever infantilized conceptions of masculinity the broader culture has invented.


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As Men Go, So Go Marriage, Family, Church

We need to have Jesus disciple us to be who He made us to be.

Then, we need to disciple men to know their identity and role as men.

Then, marriage will be men’s great interest.

Then, the family will bond, heal and thrive.

The church will be strong.

Its work and witness will be powerful.

The weak will be protected, not exploited.

Christ will be glorified.


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3 Ways Men Kill Their Marriages And What To Do About It

I’ve seen it first hand in multiple couples. Put them in a group of people and they’ll talk a good talk, but put them in a room together and the communication train de-rails almost immediately. He doesn’t want to say anything to offend her and she is waiting for him to say the wrong thing.

What happens next?

He disengages and resorts to one of the following methods of passivity.


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How To Become A Man

It’s time to draw the line between boys and men.

To sum it up in a single sentence, a real man is someone who does his duty and doesn’t shun the hard work that is necessary in providing for all the needs of his family.

A real man may never pick up a knife or a gun, or drive a tractor, or operate a chain saw, or do anything that requires being tough and burly. But he is still a real man if he does his duty with grace and fortitude, not crumbling under the load, always getting up when life and circumstances knock him down. That is a real man


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It Takes A Manly Leader To Lead Men, So Where Are The Manly Leaders?

Men follow men. We must resist the temptation to sacrifice our masculinity for a gender-inclusive form of Christianity that appeals to women and children but alienates men. Men come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and masculinity is not defined by any one particular trait, but we must embrace it if we are to reach men.

Do not be people of God, be men of God. There is a difference, own that difference, and watch men respond.


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All Of Society Suffers When Boys Can’t Become Men

About 150 years ago, Western men began forming and joining organizations that promoted a noble vision of manhood. That infrastructure created some of the finest men the world has ever known. We called them “the greatest generation.” They built the most prosperous economy in history and presided over an era of unprecedented peace.

Yet for the past fifty years we have been dismantling the very infrastructure that made these men great, in the name of gender equality.


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Hey Fathers: Will You Come To Church On Sunday If We Promise Not To Beat The Crap Out Of You?

We celebrate men on the Sunday they’re least likely to be among us.

Nancy Wray Gegoire writes, “I’ve often noticed that sermons on Mother’s Day tend to gush over moms, while on Father’s Day they tell dads to shape up.” No wonder men skulk away like dogs that have been kicked one time too many.

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A Story About The Gift Of Fatherhood For Father’s Day

“So, you’re telling me that your dad never had a father figure to watch and learn from, and yet he became this rock star dad that you just described?” I asked with a hint of incredulity in my voice.

“Yeah. I know it seems improbable, but that’s how it was for him. He took fatherhood really seriously when he became a dad, and I guess God just rewarded him with the gift of fatherhood.”



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Sound Advice For Future Fathers

Doing well in life is simple as seeing God is good — and spreading His goodness around.

You’ve arrived at wealth when you’re happy with a life that has a wealth of things that money can’t buy.

You don’t need the ads, boys —

Just go hug your dad, one of those men who lives the wealth of sacrifice, the richest life of daily giving away their lives in God’s economy of all this unexpected grace.



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Boys To Men | Dr. Arne Rubenstein

In this conversation with Dr. Arne Rubinstein, he and I discuss his book The Making of Men and his work with young men and boys in Australia for over three decades. Dr. Arne is a leader in the rites of passage movement of making boys into men, the founder of Pathways Foundation an Australian non profit dedicated to providing formal rites of passage for young men and girls.



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Wounds From A Friend

Men need friends. However, male friendship is harder to come by than ever. The hyper-sexualization of our culture has made it nearly impossible to cultivate intimacy and show affection among men. So, let’s forget about our culture for a minute and focus on biblical principles instead.

Better is open rebuke than hidden love. Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses. – Prov 27:5




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