Let’s be honest, we all like to waste time on the internet. DailyEdify.com was birthed out of a conversation between two friends who were joking around about how it would be great if Christians could waste time on the internet for the Lord. Needless to say, that sounds absurd. Upon further reflection, though, we realized that perhaps we could bring value to browsing the internet so that it was no longer a matter of wasting time but of making it fruitful.

DailyEdify.com is different from other Christian content aggregators in that we are committed to finding and posting content that is thoughtful and challenging. We are expressly NOT trying to offer a feel-good experience or an emotional jolt to satisfy a craving for drama. Other sites exist for that. DailyEdify.com exists for readers who want to learn about, and engage, important theological and cultural issues of our day.

We think it’s possible to bypass all of the “click bait” and fluff out there and find honest and thoughtful content on the internet that will spark beneficial reflection and engagement for our readers. We offer you DailyEdify.com as a resource for daily encounters with content that encourages deeper reflection on your faith. In this way, we hope to edify our readers daily.