God Loves A Cheerful Tither, Right?

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair

Does the Bible teach us to tithe? Are we spiritually obligated to fund the pastor and his staff?

Giving in the NT was according to one’s ability. Christians gave to help other believers as well as to support apostolic workers, enabling them to travel and plant churches. One of the most outstanding testimonies of the early church has to do with how liberal the Christians were to the poor and needy.


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How To Detox From The Professional Paid Minister Mentality

This article is mostly written to those brothers and sisters who begin the journey towards total trust in God as your only financial source. The pull of gravity as you escape the gravity from the religious system can be quite overbearing at first. There is good news for the weary pioneer. There is purpose and fruit from all the difficulties we endure.

Since the religious system is fueled and sustained by money, your pocketbook will be the first to feel the price of your new convictions.


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When Financial Stewardship Becomes Financial Worship

Perhaps a love of money has less to do with its presence or absence, and more to do with its hold in our hearts. Maybe it has less to do with whether we have more or less money, and more to do with whether our thoughts, conversations, and budgets are excessively focused on it.

Paul’s plea is a plea for contentment and simplicity, not for relentless counting, budgeting, and price-checking. The goal is not to have very little money, but to think little of money.


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Why Drive-By Charity Is Toxic

When God wanted to save the world, he didn’t use a ballot measure or a give-a-thon or a shortcode or a ridiculously large styrofoam check. Instead, he sent his son, who was named Emmanuel—God with us. God didn’t give a check; He gave a person. Love incarnate moved into the neighborhood and lived next door for 33 years. And before He left the earth, He promised that eventually we will all get to move into his neighborhood and live next door to Him without ever having to move away.




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