Are you struggling with how to deal with someone you consider annoying? Candace Echols with TGC has some helpful advice in her most recent article on how to love annoying people.

Key Takeaways

  • Self Reflection: When we’re consistently aggravated by someone else, it’s worth considering what’s going on in our own hearts. Sins of self-centeredness, jealousy, envy, or pride often rise to the surface.
  • Cultivate Compassion: God often uses annoyances as an opportunity for us to dive deeper into other people’s stories so we can cultivate compassion for them. Christ-followers should be first in line to show mercy, because he who has been forgiven much, loves much (Luke 7:47)
  • Watch God Work: In the redemptive hands of God, irritating interactions can be a tool to transform our hearts. As we ask the Lord to give us a heart that looks like his, he’ll do it.

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