Forgiveness Is Both Costly And Necessary

By 2 July 2014

If you’ve ever really forgiven somebody, forgiven some real wrong, all forgiveness is suffering. If you say “I forgave and I didn’t suffer,” it wasn’t that serious a wrong. But if you have ever really been wronged, and if you have forgiven it, then you have suffered. Because all forgiveness is a form of suffering.

Forgiveness means we pay our betrayer’s debt.


  • Thanks for sharing my article on Forgiving Betrayers.

    It IS hard, it IS thorns; and it is so very needed.

    We can only do it with the forgiveness we’ve received.


    • Adam says:

      It was my pleasure to share it. Thanks for writing it. The principles you articulated in the article are applicable to many difficult situations people face. Keep up the good work!

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