This 35 minute video features Tim Schmoyer interviewing Heath Hostetler about how family ministry is conceived within the context of American culture, which is often encourages values that conflict with healthy family.

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  1. Simon Ooga

    Praise God brethrens!
    Precious Warm Greetings to you in the name of Jesus,
    am grateful to convey to you this heartfelt regards and sincere thanks for the work you are doing for the lord.

    I have been pleased to check out your web page have gone through the web page and it has touched my heart and of my family and I pray and ask you to allow us to be under your ministry, and your ministry teachings will go to my fellow members here in kenya. I would like to receive more teachings from your assembly and possibly connect with you all.

    I am trying to establish a ministry here and if you could assist in spiritual guidance and bibles it would be a blessing. teach us to be pure and True. Also we request you to allow us to use your ministry name since we don’t have a church name.
    Looking forward to here from you.
    Pastor Simon Ooga.

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