How To Turn Boys Into Godly Men

Boys don’t enter the world knowing how to be godly men; they have to be trained into it. Of course, the primary training role for that formation should be the boy’s father. He is to disciple his son every day in the Word of the Lord and in the pattern of godly living.

But while godly fathers are by far the best disciplers of young men into Christ-like manhood, spiritual fathers can play a vital role as well. This is where a mentor, a pastor, or a discipler can step in and take the young man beyond where his father has left off. In a day of rampant absenteeism among biological fathers, the next generation of spiritual leaders is yearning for godly men to step up and serve as an adoptive spiritual father.

Discipling eager young men for future leadership in the home and the church is one of the most sweetly rewarding aspects of ministry that I’ve ever encountered.


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Boys To Men | Dr. Arne Rubenstein

In this conversation with Dr. Arne Rubinstein, he and I discuss his book The Making of Men and his work with young men and boys in Australia for over three decades. Dr. Arne is a leader in the rites of passage movement of making boys into men, the founder of Pathways Foundation an Australian non profit dedicated to providing formal rites of passage for young men and girls.



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