Rich Mullins was a well-known musician during the 1980s and 1990s. A biographical film was released earlier this year, entitled Ragamuffin. Unlike most Christian-made films, this one is actually good. It tells the story of Rich Mullins’ life with an unapologetic look at the pain and loneliness he suffered and his struggles to deal with the fame and fortune that threatened to destroy him. After much pain, loss, and disappointment, he finally crosses paths with Brennan Manning who introduces him to the term “ragamuffin.” A ragamuffin knows he’s only a beggar at the door of God’s mercy. Rather than say anymore about the story, I’ll simply mention that this movie is now available on Netflix, and you should go watch it.

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  1. Gwen

    Thank you for posting this. Justin and I finished it last night. Bawled my eyes out most of the movie. Wow, I needed to see that. Seriously, you don’t even know how much I needed that.

    1. Adam

      You are so welcome, Gwen. I’m glad to hear that it impacted you. I think it hit a lot of people pretty hard, myself included. You might also find some benefit in reading some other comments about the movie in case they help you process it further:

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