Hey There, Judgy McJudgerpants!

There are two types of judging.

  1. Judging an individual’s heart-motives which is directly tied to condemning them.This is the kind of judging that Jesus, Paul, and James sharply denounce. It’s the judgment of the heart.
  2. The other type of judging is the act of evaluating the morality of an action or the rightness of a word, statement, or teaching. Not according to one’s own personal preferences, the dictates of their conscience, or the standards of their denomination, movement, or Christian tribe (e.g., Colossians 2:16; Romans 14), but according to the standards of Jesus Christ as spelled out in His Word.

So it’s right to evaluate the merits of an action based on what the New Testament clearly teaches. But it’s wrong to judge a person’s motives.


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Calling A Cease-Fire In The Woman Wars

I have no idea why don’t we call a cease-fire to the constant women wars, stop the missile volley of judgement, subtle and not so subtle, that we hurl across the playgrounds and church foyers and back fences and front porches and screens at each other?

Judging others is a blindfold. Judging others is a blindfold that blinds us to own grime and blinds us to the grace which others are as eligible and entitled to as we are.

If I have loved breathing in grace for me, how can I deny you the same oxygen?


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