You Won’t Hear God If You’re Full Of Yourself

Most of us unconsciously believe that God speaks only to those who are mature and pure. The trouble is, positive self-talk forms barriers to hearing God: he loves the broken-hearted.

The God of Scripture is attracted to the humble, and it is the humble he loves to raise up. That’s why Jesus invites the broken-hearted: “Come to me all who are weak and heavy-burdened.”

We can approach God full and walk away empty; or we approach him empty—no excuses and no self-esteem—and walk away full.


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How To Have A Conversation With God

If our best memories of our earthly fathers are conversations not sermons, why do we think our heavenly Father (who is better than the best earthly father) wants mostly to lecture? “Will not our heavenly Father give good things to us when we ask?” Would we want it any other way?

We most frequently seek God’s voice during times of crisis. “I’m in trouble; I need direction!” The thing is, until we have learned to recognize his quiet voice in the humdrum of life, what chance do we have of distinguishing his voice in the maelstrom of crisis?


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