Sunday Sermon: Understand The Prophets By Understanding Mt. Sinai

Renowned Old Testament scholar, Walter Bruggemann, explains how the prophets of the Old Testament rooted their message in the on going dialogue between making covenant with God and breaking covenant with God, which is a pattern that was first established in Exodus 19 and Exodus 34. Thus, the message of the prophets is best understood with the covenant narratives of Mt. Sinai in mind.


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What Is A Covenant Family?

The term “covenant family” may be new to many Christians. While my passion for this subject originated in being introduced to the biblical multi-generational family, I learned over time that the multi-generational aspect of the biblical family is rooted in its covenantal nature. Covenant families, by biblical definition, have a component of succession, or continuity. In other words, biblical families are multi-generational precisely because they are covenantal.

There is a whole project underway to offer Christians training in recovering the lost vision of multi-generational families. Read more about the ideas and resources for this training…


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