Why Gay Marriage Is Such An Explosive Issue

By 29 June 2015

There is a lot being written right now about gay marriage. The vast majority of that writing is about which side of the issue has the moral high ground. What is not being written about is why this particular issue has induced such an explosive, emotional response.

The church believes it is the gatekeeper for marriage. We treat marriage like it is “ours.” Be it illusion or reality, it is very intoxicating to be a gatekeeper, and that is a power structure that is not easy to give up.

Can we restrain the rhetoric? Can we temper the judgment? Can we assuage the agitation? While we maintain our moral positions, wherever that line may be drawn for each of us, and take this moment, this unique moment, to tell the nation and the world, in whatever way we can: “We love you.”


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