The Church Should Embrace Sex Offenders

By 25 March 2015
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For over a decade, Sonrise Church’s Light My Way program has been ministering to society’s most downtrodden people. Ex-cons, prostitutes, meth addicts, the impoverished, and the homeless are all welcome at the church’s modern nine-acre campus. What really makes Light My Way’s ministry unusual, though, is its controversial decision to embrace registered sex offenders into its fold.

They say that not only would Jesus refuse to condemn their flock, he’d be rolling up his sleeves to help. “Look at the people who Jesus ministered to,” says Sonrise Pastor Rocky Wing. “Jesus ministered to the bottom rungs of society, the ones everyone said were unworthy of God’s love. Sex offenders are our society’s lepers. They are the people we want to exile to wherever isn’t our own backyard.”


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