How A Gay Christian Finds A Home In The Church

By 7 February 2015

In a society where culture wars are fierce, it can be nearly impossible for a person who desperately desires to follow Christ and who has same-sex attraction to find acceptance and community. The culture wars have drawn up the battle lines. You choose a side and scream as loud as you can.

Julie Rodgers shares her story of charting a different course. When the “pray the gay away” approach doesn’t work, how does one find support in the Church as she battles against the desires she¬†know to be sinful? Sadly, the Church isn’t a very safe place for that kind of struggle. But this is a hopeful story of finding such a safe harbor.

  • Gwen says:

    She is incredible. Love that she is sharing what she has learned. beautiful. it really hit me, not just for the homosexuals, but creating a space for everyone to belong and be loved no matter what.

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